Llygad y dydd

By Charlalaliz

Dark clouds

I like it when the sun is out and shining against buildings but the sky in the background is dark and stormy looking.

It hasn't been a good day today. I woke up cold and that put me in a pretty bad mood to begin with. Then my group in uni haven't been working well together to create a paper version of a website. The 4 hours I spent in uni with them were unproductive, and it made me feel pretty disheartened that we aren't getting anywhere.

I've been wondering if I'm doing the wrong course at uni - I feel like I don't have any imagination anymore. I've lost my creativity. I've felt pretty depressed all day.

My housemates did help later on though, and all came and sat on my bed to cheer me up. And I feel a bit better now, but still can't help thinking about stuff.

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