in next door's garden :)

In the extras I have put my neighbour's boy (from the house behind), this is 'the new kid on the block' :)  Billy wouldn't pose with him today!

Well, I haven't heard anything from my previous manager :(   

Update!  I should get an official letter  of confirmation next week and the start date is 22nd :)

I have not heard anything from John Lewis (but I went to their online customer services today....and the very helpful and understanding Richard M, has advised them I am not happy.  He says if they don't come in the next 3 days then contact them again (but its already a week....)  He has passed the transcript onto the customer 'hub' and says they should respond, even if its to only tell me when they can come...

So its a waiting game!

An afternoon of relaxing and catching up in the usual manner with this week's TV - Vera (that series was over rather quickly) and Silent Witness on a wet day :)

Tomorrow my Small Group are meeting for lunch at the local Toby (just down the road from me and walkable - tempted if the weather is kind) and I'm hoping to not overdo it as I've not been good on the plan for Slimming World this week and desperate not to put weight on again!

Casualty tonight!

Happy Saturday folks :)

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