Chimneys with accoutrements

The toddler was here overnight so it was a full-on morning with lots of imagination and pretend games. Took her home after lunch and then a minor detour to look at the house where my paternal grandmother used to live. At least I think it was where she lived as a child. I was taken to see the house once as a child, with said grandmother, and this is not the house I remember. But I was probably about 7 so my memory is bound to be woolly. I need to find out more. Anyway, the house which I’ve found noted as my great-grandmother’s address is in a very douce part of the world but the house itself looked a bit sad and uncared for which was disappointing. These aren’t the chimneys of the house but of one nearby. They are typical of the Victorian architecture of the area.

Home now and I have, for the first time in my life, made a Key lime pie. This could provide my cream and sugar allowance for 2018.

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