For the record

Not taken today nor by me but I want a record of the damaged camera (the focus ring is fine – I just taped it on infinity for taking pictures of the Northern Lights). While I was away I tried just to use the camera and not think about the damage. On the way home I suddenly remembered pondering an extended warranty when I bought it. Did I buy it? Didn’t I? Two years? Three years? I don’t usually buy such things but for a camera it includes an annual sensor clean so the warranty pays for itself (as long as you remember to get the sensor cleaned, which I never have).

So back home I looked for it, and found it. Three years, expiring in three months’ time. I went into Jessops and yes, all the significant damage is covered. They took the lens for repair and the camera for a service. All I will have to pay for is a new UV filter, a new lens cap and a hood.

My mum was not so lucky. She went into work and was advised to go to A&E. It turns out her arm is broken. I am speechless at how she has managed to spend the last eight days with the pain of a broken arm not being supported.

Once back from the camera shop I spent the day reviewing photos. Nerd-fact: allowing myself 8 hours sleep a night I took an average of one photo every 5 minutes and 18 seconds that I was awake – a time-lapse video of the whole trip! But I have deleted over 60% of them so far

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