Heavy Metal

What with being away for the past few weekends the house was looking in need of a tidy up, so we spent the morning vacuuming, dusting and putting away.  Part way through the postman called with my new (to me) 3 way tripod head - so it has become my blip.  Bought via eBay from a dealer in 2nd hand photo equipment - it looks to be a previous model but very lightly used, if at all.

I have put an Arca Swiss adaptor onto the QR plate as my other tripod heads all have that type of clamp.  First impressions are very positive, it holds my old full frame DSLR without any sign of slipping (droop) and looks to be very sturdily built.  Not exactly light, but then none of my kit is, so I don't suppose I'll notice the extra :-)

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