By WharfedaleBex

Shaky shaky

After the 'occasional wintry shower' which lasted for an hour pretty much from the moment I left the house, I headed up and over towards Embsay.  

There were a few other nutters out but this one was perhaps the best.  

As I stood taking photos, I heard a high pitched 'whhggghheeeeeee' coming up the hill behind me.  Turning round, I discovered this guy on an electric bike, shaking out his iced fingers - happy, but complaining about the chilly temperatures.  There was no breeze and despite being damp, my heating system had been on boost going up the hill.  I guess his hadn't!

One day, I'm sadly sure, an electric bike will be a good way forward so, note to self: gently pedalling uphill and zooming downhill in temperatures barely above freezing is not the best way to stay warm.  Or at least, wear more clothes!

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