... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wandsworth Common: ICB[S]*

Going ballistic in large.

This huge male swan was NOT going to share "his" pond with the Canada geese: he chased a male goose across the pond, and back again, and around the island, and out of the pond, and then back across the pond, and so it went on...
The sun came and went, and he paraded about looking seriously splendid and dramatically dominant.
He didn't mind the Parks Service Information Impostle (which had previously been waiting for questions on an information post).

The other side of the pond was much quieter, with shovelers shovelling, and mallards preening in the shallows.

A whole bunch of photos (mostly series of action shots) are on Flickr here (or right from here).

*Or ICCS? I suppose he's closer to a cruise [missile] than a ballistic one; the fight was certainly inter-continental...

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