Tate Panorama

A three-part merged panorama at the Tate Modern of the view from the observation deck ten floors up on the top of the Blavatnik Building; the long structure (straight in real life) is the museum's main building . The dome across the river is Saint Paul's Cathedral.  The deck was opened just 18 months ago (we had not been aware of it until today). It is wide, extending  around all four sides of the building;  the views include distant ones (such as this main blip) and close-up of residential buildings (there are signs saying "Respect the Privacy of Our Neighbors" :) The extra of course looks straight down, on a very geometrical playground--notice the tiny Starbuck's store in the upper right. Our main objective was a superb exhibition on Amadeo Modigliani. Working nearly entirely as a portraitist, his life was all too short, ending at age 35 in 1920.  He has been a favorite of Marylee's for a long time, and I have now joined her; I found the show absolutely captivating.

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