Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1199. MM211 Extraordinary

Well this is extraordinary for me at least as I never shoot in Manual mode.....I tried it a few years ago but never really understood what I was doing so reverted back to Auto....only occasionally venturing into Aperture priority mode....

So here’s my entry for Mono Monday....rhymes with camera dial sitting on Manual mode...and it stayed there for a whole morning....I normally leave it on A...but have decided to try and use the settings a little bit more....

I started the A Year With My Camera course in January and we are into week 5....I’ve managed all of the homework and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring what my camera can do at my own pace.

I went back to a bridge camera after finding changing lenses just too tricky as my hands just cannot manage to do it anymore....I didn’t think I’d manage to get any great shots again but there have been a few....mainly by accident.....I hope I now get a few deliberately!

I took this one with my iPhone 7 Plus which I usually have with me and does ok quick shots....

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