By S_B_n_2cats

Kittie hammock


I'm trying to shift to a morning routine. The main reason is that it is too hot for running, at least for me, at any other time.
It took me longer than expected to get up and running, but it was an improvement from last weekend. Off to a very long run. B cycled to bring me water and moral support for the second half. An improvement from the past couple of weeks. A good run.

Back home we had batter cod with avocado, and then of to watch the Superbowl with friends. Matt was also watching it with +8 hour difference, that's commitment.

It was a lovely afternoon. I'm sorry B had to stay home and work. I bought him a couple of treats from the shop -salted caramel ice cream included.

I took great photos of both Vinnie and Puppy today. Here's one of Vinnie relaxing in the hammock.

Happy Sunday! Especially for eagle's fans.

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