Kirsty's day!

By Mummyof2

All in a days work

So it’s Sunday, the Lord’s day, a day of rest.
Not in this house. Rest is not something that is coming easy to me at the minute. I’m getting anywhere between 2-6 hours sleep.
Last night was 6hrs. I’m not eating very much either as I feel just so sick to my stomach.

Anywho- Church this morning and I went with himself and Small. Large had already been taken in for her Baptismal prep.
I was greeted at the church by 2 of my new friends. One who is helping out at youth club and one who is one of Large’s friends mum. Both engulfed me in a hug.

Jess said that she was here for the service so I asked whether I could sit with her.
Himself went and sat at the front of Church. Yes he’s still wanting to come to church after everything he’s done.
It wasn’t a bad service and at the end I went for prayer and broke my heart again.
Had lots of conversations which were spoken in hushed tones and being interrupted my both the girls.

Home, cooked lunch then cracked on with the memory bears for my friend. I was desperate to finish them as I had promised to let her have them as have a chat.
Finally got them done by 7:30pm and headed over to her house.
( Now some of you might be jealous. She is the lock keepers wife and lives on a little island in the middle of the river Thames.)
So there I was at 8pm walking down a narrow gangway in the dark with raging water on one side and a mill pond on the other.
Bears given over, chats had I made my way home.

Now to explain the last two pics.
Well you’ve all met Hope before and this is one of the pictures that Large took yesterday and I just love it. I think I will it printed off and hung up on my wall.
As for the other pic of the man- well he and I have been talking to each other via text over the weekend.
Of course I am not going to be silly about it ( and I can hear all the tutting, thinking that I’m on the rebound etc.) This split between Jay and I should have happened 2 years ago but I stayed to try and make it work for the girls and because I trusted God’s word.

There is nothing other than friendship/ companionship for me at the moment. He contacted me and he gave me his mobile number.
So potentially I am going to meet him for a coffee tomorrow! I have forgotten how to date.
Ok time for sleep- come on oils work your magic.

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