Mono Monday......... February

Street art is contemporary.........
And it rhymes with February.....

A great fun challenge today for mono Monday, thanks Kangazu. Another of the wonderful street art in this area, and this one actually is in black and white, so not much editing to do..
A misty, drizzly morning turned into a very pleasant day, got some shopping, had lunch out in a different restaurant and got ripped off. Rather annoyingly, no drink or tax included, so instead of 9.50euros as advertised on the board, I ended up paying 12.75 as I had a small bitter get all that for 8-10euros in most places... suffice to say, I won't be returning there!....And the service was terrible!!
Also, half the temporary filling on a back tooth fell off when eating my muesli this morning....will have to be very careful, not due to have the crown fitted until 15th February....that WILL be a big bill!!

Many thanks as ever for all the lovely comments and stars:)

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