For Mono Monday February
I headed for the cemetery
I didn't find it scary
in fact it was familiar territory
I found someone who was in the military
actually in The Durham Light Infantry
and  .......  a lady called Mary

The Mono Monday theme for today is " Rhymes with February " so the above is my attempt. Thanks to KangaZu for coming up with this interesting theme.

So I found my blip shots in the local churchyard.  It certainly is familiar territory as when I was little I lived nearby and my route to school, to the park or shops was through this churchyard.  I almost missed the tiny cross with the poppy in memory of N T W Stark who was a member of The DLI ( Durham Light Infantry ) and who died in Flanders in 1917.

I had a parcel which needed posting before noon at the post office so I was up and out early - ish.  Did some shopping in Tesco before going to the churchyard.  Then back home for a bit before setting off down to the village again for Fitness Class at 2pm.  Busy again this week - 17 of us there.  Straight home after Fitness.  Yet again the ironing didn't get done.  I watched Call The Midwife instead.

As I have put on a little bit of weight this week and would have been outside of my target range I didn't go to Slimming Club.  I will try do better this week so I can go back next Monday.

Weather was very cold today and we even had some sleet.  Worse weather is predicted for the rest of the week.

Steps today - 14,957

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