I went to Christchurch today. For the first time since before Christmas a good night’s sleep coincided with a day that was not at some extreme of weather. The less I drive the more stressful it is, and today I had to cross the city to get to the camera shop. The traffic was a lot heavier than I am used to and there was little opportunity to look about. Still, I was shocked to catch a glimpse of the vast wasteland that was once part of the central city business area. It is seven years since the earthquakes.

The trip was successful in that at last I could take my broken zoom lens to be seen to. I’ve been without it for more than a month and I have really missed it. (Without it you didn’t get to see the snow on the mountains the other day). My son had taken it in, but the fault was intermittent then and they couldn’t see what was wrong. This time the problem showed itself. They will send it to Canon NZ to see if it can be fixed.

I managed to get most of my shopping done, though I experienced the delays, confusion and frustration of roadworks and new constructions that plague the people of Christchurch every day. I came home exhausted, with little photographically to show for myself.

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