By AnneILM60

That's the colour & do I want!

Ms Cardinal has the hair colour & do that I want!  

Feeling the best I have since last Tuesday.  I actually sat outside for awhile. The sun was warm but the wind was cold.  Trouble was the sun kept hiding behind clouds. Ugh! 

As well as Ms Cardinal there were plenty of other birds out at the feeders and in the yard while I was outside.

There was a cute chickadee as well as this handsome titmouse.  The downy woodpecker came to the feeder and the robin searched for worms.  The chipping sparrows crowded the feeders and even a little pine siskin was seen. Looking for spilled seed were crow.  

I was wondering if I needed to get my license so I could shoot these dove in my backyard!  :D

MiniMe was keeping the crows away from the squirrel/critter food!  She made me laugh as she sat there for almost 2 hours.

This afternoon as I was uploading my photos etc. . . I noticed that Spirit was exhausted and napping on the BlueCubes.

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