One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Me and two cones

One squashed by a driver with a short fuse who does not like to be told where not to park. 

Led me to realise that I am now cone-shaped... 

And I know that I would not have Pensioner's steely determination to even toy with the idea of a 5:2 diet. 

Unless it is a 5 fish & chips 2 Kyoto super noodles diet. 

The only true purpose of today's blip is to show off the fact that we actually had shadows today. 
Saw Pepe after his first radiotherapy session today. He passed with flying colours (he managed to drink his full liter of water and not pee himself while the space age machine was revolving around him). Let's hope he keeps the positive outlook throughout this part of the treatment. 

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