tempus fugit

By ceridwen


Folks, what can I say?
I was gobsmacked when I found I had 36 comments already on yesterday's blip  when I opened it this morning. Who knew that 2190 meant anything special? Not me anyway because - confession time - I rarely look at that last column (notifications?) It makes me feel uncomfortable  to see all the unacknowledged stars, hearts and  milestones  but of course it meant I also missed my own. So please consider each and every one of you thanked from the bottom of my heart as I know I can never do justice to all the compliments and accolades I received. (It's just as well I took some trouble over making the collage but that was purely happenstance.)

Pictured here are a collection of displaced bluebell bulbs unearthed by coast path maintenance, replanted in a pot where I hope they will flower  and take root pending permanent relocation. They're hardy things that thrive more or less anywhere they're homed.

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