By GeorgesJourney

Me 'n Uncle Fred

Well, it's been such a day.  WE did get two visitors, Aunty Dolly and Uncle Fred, and we did possibly have the best time in the whole wide world. 

We did sit in the front room for ages, and you'll never guess!  I was allowed to sit in there, too, and I did sit on the settee in between HIM and HER, and I got included in everything.  I even got a little bit of buttered scone - yummity yum yum.

And then I thought they would all go out and leave me, but they didn't.  I got to go out to lunch too, and apart from a small incident when I did have a pee, and back kicked up a dust storm onto a pair of ladies I was exceptionally well behaved.  Luckily the ladies didn't take it personally, and had a laugh, so that was alright.

And Uncle Fred did scoop me up into his arms, and I've never been so high before (Uncle Fred is very tall), and apart from the first minute of apprehension, I did realise it's a very good view when you get up high, so I relaxed.  And Uncle Fred did take me on his lap and he gave me the best back scratches in the whole history of back scratches.  And Aunty Dolly did take ever so many photos of me, and she did post one in her very own blip journal.  And he did put a picture of me in HIS blip journal

It was the very best day ever, it really was; and I have realised that I love Blip meets very much, and I can't wait for the next one.

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