Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17


Oh it's not brilliant I know, but it's the first snowflake I've ever photographed so I'm feeling a little smug about that :) :) :)
Such a still, quiet, grey, snow flurrying day, but that's okay by me, it's all very pretty and peaceful.
Book club this evening, a review of 'Breaking Wild' (that's wild) by Diane Les Becquets.  I enjoyed it once I'd learnt to blank out the killing of wild animals theme running throughout.  2 strong main female characters, and I certainly didn't like one of them!  Will be a good discussion I'm sure,
Stay cosy folks.

(In other news....whilst picking up Chino's 'clearances' today, one of his 'chipolatas', dropped and landed on my camera... I know... just thought I'd share that :)))))
(And in further other news... my fridge freezer has broken down... but it's a good day to break down I guess... as everything is chilling outside...can't have warm wine milk now can we)

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