By Hillyblips


Well camouflaged this tree creeper bounced spiralling it's way up the tree bark probing with it's curved needle beak for insects. 

This was all great news for me the GB intrepid reporter for the Alternate Olympic Games better known as the AOG which coincides with the  Pyeongchang Winter Olympics from February 9 - 25. I have been checking out the various stadiums over the last weeks but training has been intense with a huge amount of secrecy hanging over the athletes performances. Only today was I allowed inside the compound then to be told there was a blanket ban on interviews for the moment and the photographic images had to vetted by security. 

Catching sight of team TC here as they scurried past to ready themselves for the first round of tree spiralling, all against the clock, I could see the nerves starting to kick in with the smallest member at the back looking quite pale - in fact a bundle of shivering feathers!! 

Tricky to photograph as they were agile little things, the light wasn't great with the roof on the stadium to stop unauthorised drones but I still thought you might like to get a  tantalising glimpse of what they can do. The team captain here was confidently strutting his stuff giving an impressive display upside down on the beam. A lens in his direction did wonders for his performance and I can confidently predict they will be in the running for a medal! A joy to watch.

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