By cyclops

Tracks in the Snow

We had a dusting of snow this morning, so I ended up following CyclopsJnr's buggy tracks (and MrsCyclops' footprints) all the way to the bus stop.  

I spent the day with the rest of the Blipfoto directors, having a board meeting and much needed catch up.  We had lots of ideas flying around too, which was fun.  It was lovely to see them all - I'm so fortunate to be part of such a great team.

I'm also grateful to all of them for organising the board meeting in Edinburgh - I've had a lot of travel for work lately so I was incredibly glad not to miss any more bathtimes with my boy.

As it happens today was particularly lovely.  He was in a cracking mood, We played a shopping board game together before his bath, which he won and which was lovely fun.  Using our fingers as people we re-enacted scenes from his life at nursery under his guidance in the bath.  He really enjoyed his bedtime story, he had lots of stuff to tell us, and he was just being so charming and kind.  Moments like these are what being a parent is all about.

Now I have to catch up on my "day job" stuff before dinner!

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