So tired today!  Some beautiful sunshine helped though.  Had a full day of running all sorts of reports at work, which was actually quite a nice change from all the other stuff I probably should be doing, and will get back to tomorrow.  

I had fun using my new (old) lens again.  Got a few shots at lunch to test out the bokeh in the sunshine, but it was a bit of a challenge as it was so windy (I was trying to photograph plants on the Barbican highwalk) - and I slightly prefer this shot from this morning.

Spoke to my Mum, who is laid up in bed with a nasty cough and cold.  My sister's doing a sterling job of looking after her, but it all sounds rather hard work, as her mobility is so badly affected.  I've offered to go down a bit earlier if needed - on Friday instead of Saturday - but will see if that's necessary.

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