Fluttering Feathers

I got up and donned multiple layers for the frosty sunrise this morning and headed the car towards my favourite spot by the river. The sky was clear apart from a bank of clouds on the horizon..... It was absolutely freezing cold and the sun didn't do its thing in the way that I had envisaged - neither was there any mist...... Nonetheless, there is always beauty to be found and today it came in the unexpected form of lots of frosty white feathers clinging to the grass and blowing in the wind! They Looked rather lovely but I suspect they were there at the expense of a swan - a less beautiful thought!  My blip was taken with my camera balanced on my home made bean bag on the ground. My body complained about the amount of time I was spending scrunched up near the ground, so in the end I got right on down there even though I have a tilt screen on  my camera. I came away with wet, muddy jeans..... :)) Taken looking straight into the sun - the camera coped remarkably well!

I'm blipping this late in the day because the day has been so full! After my time at the river, the day has been filled with friends, errands and meetings - and now I can hear my bed calling - an early night for me, for once! 

Huge thanks for all the great comments, stars and hearts that you showered on yesterday's blip - a lovely and encouraging reward for learning a new skill!

Goodnight, everyone - sleep well! (or have a great day, if you are the other side of the world!)

Ann :))

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