Adoring Doggie...

Maisie, our Labradoodle, adores Keith. If she’s not out and about with me she is at Keith’s feet. She follows him around the house and is never far away. In this image the light from Keith’s reading lamp is making a golden glow on one side of Maisie’s face. Keith has his feet on a small sloping stool. It saves the carpet. In our previous home in Scott Street Keith’s feet wore a hole in the carpet in front of his favourite chair! It had worn away over many years... our kids thought it hilarious. We have had lots of dogs over many years and it has always been me or our four children who have done all the active stuff, walking, running and vigorously playing. Keith has loved our dogs and is a gentle and calm person with them. They have adored him. Maisie is his little doggie slave.

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