Anna's pics

By AnnaB

Snow Bell ( A new flower ? :-) )

We had a fair bit of snow, on this day.  Though it melted away after a couple of hours or so,

I got worried about Bella.  She has a urinary infection.  The vet wanted me to get a sample off Bella.  After two nights of trying to get a sample from her, using the non absorbent litter and failing, Bella refused to go to the loo, at all (ie on ordinary litter (admittedly a different brand to the one she was used to) or going out ( but it was snowing and cold).) for over 16 hours.  So after Bloss going to the Bridge, soon after she stopped going to the loo, I panicked about Bella and took her up to the vet.  The vet got the sample off Bella and everything is ok.  And Bella pooed in the new litter, when we got home.  Mega relieved :-)

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