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In the Footsteps of Eadfrith

That's the title of edan's next exhibition. Eadfrith being the monk/scribe responsible for the Lindisfarne Gospels.
It's our first 'spin off' exhibition.
We made work inspired by the gospels a few years ago when they visited Durham.
Now we're showing some of that work along with new stuff - also inspired by said gospels... in our gallery in Seaham, but we have been invited to show it at the Durham World Heritage Visitors' Centre.
Quite a coo!

I still have some of the original pieces of work I made at the time but I'd like to do something new too... hence the research.
I'm still at the early stages for a new encaustic piece involving the images scratched onto the lid of Cuthbert's coffin.
This smashing book (below) has a pull out section at the back with really detailed drawings of the coffin.

St. Cuthbert’s Coffin
Details from the book, ‘St. Cuthbert’s Coffin, The history, technology and conservation, by J.M. Cronyn and C. V. Horie’, published by The Dean and Chapter, Durham Cathedral.
ISBN 0 907078 18 4 Copyright 1985
“The lid shows a central standing figure of Christ surrounded by the symbols of the four evangelists which are identified by inscriptions, Matthew (a small winged figure) above Christ’s right shoulder, Mark, (a winged lion), above Christ’s left shoulder, Luke (a winged bull), beneath Christ’s right foot and John, (an eagle), beneath Christ’s left foot.”

Not really sure what will come of it yet... but here we go.

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