We drove from Bangalore to Hassan today, stopping off en route as and when.  Many of these snaps were taken on the move....in the area there is a huge monolith, whose name escapes me, where once every 12 years pilgrims come to worship and pay their respects.  We'd hoped to go and walk up to the granite statue - about 640 steps - but with all the visitors it would not be sensible, so we will go and pay our respects from further away!
Having settled into our lovely eco hotel we went for a drive and walkabout in a little village; met several happy children in the school, went to see how local bricks are made and met many villagers who were amused by our wandering through their lives.  Met some very friendly, chatty folk. The light was not that good as it seems we might be in for some rain - the locals will be delighted as everything is very dry!
All in all a wonderful day. We will stay here tomorrow night too so off to see some Temples in the morning.
I am sorry I am not able to comment on blips at the moment... I will do so as and when I can.

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