I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Spying......Not Cool!

There was quite a ruckus from Team Canada Goose, coming from the ice skating venue at Canyon Gate Stadium. This reporter put on her shoes and trekked over to see what all the fuss was about.

I immediately saw that the ice had melted and all the competitors were talking about what will happen. It is too late in the year to refreeze the rink. 

The AOG committee is talking about changing the skating events to swimming. It is about the only choice they have as the games begin in two days. They should have seen this coming.

As I continued around the venue, Team Geese were still talking up a storm and I soon saw why. Skulking around on the rocks was the spy from the Black-crowned Night Heron team. When I went over to get a quick interview, he was having nothing to do with that and flew over to see what the Mallards and Ring Necked Ducks were going to do about the change of events.

I am grateful that I will not have to bundle up to cover these events. The competitors, being top athletes, will adapt and move forward.

Until next time.........

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