By dfb24

Controversy Erupts...

...and the AOG's*  haven't even started yet! The US "geese-on-ice" skating team arrived at the outdoor rink this morning for practice, but were surprised to see that none of the ice had been cleared after last nights' snow fall (top left). They attempted to run through their routine, but were unable to get traction with all the snow, so many of the members just sat down so as not to injure themselves. The coach of the team, after carefully looking over the rink (top rt.), was clearly upset at the appalling conditions and stormed off the snowy ice! (lower lt.). The team, in a sign of solidarity, flew off together to return to the Olympic Village, where they plan to lodge an official complaint with the Committee. More on this breaking story later.....    :))

* (Alternate Olympic Games--a fun imaginative event hosted by dbifulco)

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