By owlman1975

New snow showers

Weather forecasts have been quite accurate of late.
Woke up at 5.30am for a call of nature & popped my head around the curtain.
As predicted it was snowing & quite thick too.

7am came soon after so another peak thinking it would be quite bad, but it must have stopped shortly after the 1st look or once I was back in my gorgeous warm bed.

7.20am daylight was in full & I managed to get a couple of shots both front & back.
The front was quite clear on the roads due to the early starters on our street.

Not the greatest of falls, but still looking pretty.
All gone by the time we got home.

The coldest night tonight apparently. Thank God for a brand new boiler, that's now doing an amazing job.

Stay warm blippers.

Happy birthday flyingprgal xxx

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