Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Infinite Loop

There appears to be just an 8-foot escape window, otherwise you are sent back to start all over again!
Charlie could now be driving the streets of Kirkcaldy for ever (There is a petrol station on the route) - He'd be the man who never returned.

This reminded me of the M.T.A. song (by the Kingston Trio). Those with a memory going back to 1959 will no doubt recall it. Those who can't may hear it here:
The MTA (Boston) at that time introduced an exit fare as well as an entry fare and Charlie didn't have enough money to get off the train.

Yesterday's blip was the reflection of a stainless steel  grain silo beside Kirkcaldy harbour. There was strong low-angle sunlight on it. The reflection was rotated 90 degrees and cropped. I have added an image of the silo as an 'extra' for today but there was no strong sunlight this time.

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