By loisbiz

Redwing Blackbird

The Audit was not easy, but at least I don't owe any money; however, I may have to change the classification of one of my salesmen. She questioned whether he meets the criteria for an independent contractor, but I really think that once she has an interview with our salesmen she will agree with me. She also discovered an error which gave me a refund, so even if I have to pay a penalty it will be offset by the refund. 

The sunshine was a welcome greeting after two hours inside for the audit this morning. I walked to the lake and watched the Bald Eagle pair soaring above me; I think they were doing a dance of love. The Redwing Blackbirds were singing their hearts out.....see the male in my photo today......the females were nowhere to be seen. Two Anna Hummingbirds were sitting in the bushes singing to each other. There were four people with serious cameras taking photos at the lake today too.....I enjoyed visiting with each of them. .....photographers are such nice people!!!! 

Life is good. I am feeling so blessed.

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