By Jassy

All Eyes On Me

These are my babies.

My eldest is Sonny(7years), a gift from my uncle after I passed the board exam in 2011. Galaxy(6years), a gift from my sister when she got back from her training in the US.
Next is Instax(4years), from mommydear. They may not be the best of their kind but they're the best for me. Baby DS(3years) is my boyfie's anniversary gift. We use it when we play with the nephews. Then comes Itouch(2yrs). Its as old as Galaxy but was passed on to me by my sister in 2016. Lumia(1 1/2 years)another hand-me-down, was given to me by my other generous uncle after my phone was stolen. (that was sooo heartbreaking! 1k+ photos lost) Ok, going back, Here comes Supremo(1year) was a birthday gift from my sister and my boyfie. Viva is my youngest baby, a christmas gift from my boyfie. She is now 2 months old.

I know these babies are happy to be out of the box again! Happy as I am.

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