Hanullis Tree Project

By HanulliTree

For this blip I was breaking the unwritten rule, that I wouldn't take a camera with me, when I 'm on our chat walk with Tine and Mayla. I know how annoying blipping can be. But I thought I would be very disappointed, if I would see an occasion for a blip of the ONE TREE without a camera...
Okay, it's really hard to ignore other motives... 
To comfort Tine I tried a portrait of her and her dog.... but she isn't a fan of beeing blipped.
So I didn't take a lot of time. In the foreground you can see thistles, which are remaining from an experimental field with a lot of wild flowers in the summer. You will see it more often, I suppose :-)

Thank you for your lovely comments, stars, hearts and for the following. I'm blown away and really appreciate every singel one!

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