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Some of you may have spotted blips of us directors popping up on the site, revealing that we've just all got together. Blipfoto may no longer have a physical location but we still find ourselves gravitating towards its spiritual home of Edinburgh for our board meetings. As always, it was a lively, productive and exhausting day. We will be reporting back on a number of things here soon. 
For now, we just want to announce one small change to the site. The more observant amongst you may already have noticed that we've altered the link previously titled 'Activities' to 'Community', to better reflect its purpose. This now leads to a page with direct links to both the BlipCentral Blog and the BlipCommunity Blog. In future, we intend to reserve this blog here for official business - the essential stuff - while the community blog will have more regular posts and become the place to visit to get more involved with the site. We’ve also added a link to an About Us page, with a further link to The Blipfoto Story
We've been aware for some time that for new members it's not immediately obvious what we're about or how we've got to where we are now. These pages will hopefully address that. Feel free to share them on your social media. We're keen to spread the word. Let your friends know about this very special place and the remarkable journey we are all on together. We're excited about the future and we're hoping to get more of you involved in shaping it. 

PS Must remind the lovely people at CodeBase to have the windows cleaned for us next time.

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