More lanterns

This time in Central, Pottinger Street to be more precise.

Went into town to pick up some red fondant for a Liverpool cake I need to make over the weekend.

I’ve been invited to Hong Kong Resort’s 40th anniversary party tonight, which is 70s themed so thought I’d get an Afro wig as part of my attire. Found just what I needed. There is a pic in the extras along with some pics from the party.

I can honestly say it was one of THE BEST parties I have ever been to. I was accompanying Ev, and we had a wonderful time. Magicians, artists, jugglers, photographers, awesome live band, dancers, excellent food ... it had it all. HKR put on a fabulous party. And my wig was a hit, so I’m really pleased :).

And we danced ... a LOT. It’s been a great evening.

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