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By freespiral

Not Magnolia!

No Irish lesson in Skib this week as Pól was away so Finola offered to give Robert and me a revision session in Budds, Ballydehob - plenty of good coffee to keep us going. Boy, she worked us hard but we can now string sentences together - it takes about half an hour for a sentence to emerge but we're getting there!  This is what I can say: Ta an obair criochnaithe agus anois taímid ag rince. (I've finished work and now we're going dancing!)This will no doubt come in really useful at one point!
After all that I had a wander around the village. It's colourful! My collage shows just some of the colours. I could have been a bit more subtle and just chose a couple of combinations but I couldn't decide which.  The two extras show you just how colourful - the big building is the former bank. There aren't many banks left in rural Ireland and when this one was sold off the village bought it, painted it and it's now a community/tourist centre. The other is Budds of good coffee and interesting food fame, which is always jammed. Incidentally Ballydehob used to be a bit hippy centre int he 60s/70s and the odd rainbow jersey is still in evidence. 
Back home and we did a walk around the headland, niceish weather still prevailing.
Thanks to Markus and Ingeborg for the challenges. 

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