Bluebellsea and Alfred

By bluebellsea

Alfs on the yoga mat...

A beautiful soul he is!  And a good emergency blip as I had a massive blip disappointment today.  
It was a crisp and clear morning.  -10 degrees with blue sky and a lovely red rising sun. On the way to work I spotted a herd of deer grazing in a snowy field.  I pulled over and took loads of lovely photos then carried on my way happy that I'd got some good shots to choose from later.

When I got home and went to put my card in my computer, it was already there.  Which meant it wasn't in the camera.  The (new and still unfamiliar) camera gave no obvious indication of this as it let me happily snap away oblivious to my mistake...

But I've got Alfred to model for me so all was not lost.  :-)

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