I did not take much photos today. Luckily I had taken few on our morning walk.

My morning was spent sewing (https://www.instagram.com/vhgalacant/) and renewing the curtains to the living room. After 2 pm I started to make lunch. After the casserole had been in the oven for about 15 minutes we lost all the power.

So out with the dogs it was. When we came back an hour later the lunch was ready. Power had been on for about 30 minutes or so.

After late lunch (4:30 pm) and coffee we started with the diy soundproofing project.  First 3 curtain rods were drilled to the wall connecting us to the neighbors. We have winter and spring/fall duvets. So I hung the duvets that are not in use right now on the wall behind the book selves. Then we added another rods over our bedroom window behind/under the current curtains. So now we have two sets of duvets (bought for soundproofing purposes) and curtains hanging on our bedroom wall, but you can only see the curtains. I wake up every morning at 6:30 when people start leaving for work. Let's see if this improves the situation at all.

After all that there was a lot cleaning to do. Washing floors and whatnot. Also had to walk to the store to get some "hanging rings" or whatever they are called.

There's still doggy evening walk to take care of after that I'll just fall into bed. It's been a busy day. Luckily we got the power back on quickly. I was thinking that we'll have to take our mattresses upstairs if we don't get any heating today, as it's gonna be the coldest night of the winter so far and it's always couple of degrees warmer upstairs.

Good night & stay warm! Buenas noches y mantente caliente!

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