Last week Bolt Oddie had a GCSE PE assessment for the 100 and 200m sprint races. 
This little gal ran well, coming in first in the 100m. Go girl. :-)
The 200m proved to be her downfall and little Oddie collapsed with a groin strain. 
The pressure of daily dance routines, ballet, sport takes its toll. But nothing can beat this gal's spirit.
And to prove a point; after school, we headed to Saffron for her to run the 200m with me filming the race.
It was a bit of a disaster. I hate video, can't work out start and stop. 
Few expletives soon sharpened my wits. 
Anyhow, here is young Oddie caught on camera!
Next week, we'll go back for a bit of a video re-run. 
Oddie can hardly contain herself..... 

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