By TeamG

More milk please!

James is a bit of a milk monster. He loves it! Sometimes we have to rein him in a bit!

This morning James and I were down at the retail park doing a few jobs. On the way home, we were singing the wheels on the bus. After exhausting all the verses I could remember - James pipes up, “Mummy, what about the Uncle Andrews on the bus?” !! I’m not sure if he thinks everyone has an Uncle Andrew?! Either way, it was very sweet!

Lyall was working at home today, so James enjoyed having Daddy around. After lunch and a play with Daddy; James and I popped over to Gran and Grandpa’s. Eve was there too and aside from a couple of “debates” over a couple of toys, they played nicely. James mainly wants anything Eve has, and he also wants to cuddle her a lot - she does very well to put up with it!

After dinner we were drawing a bit, and we were talking about numbers (he is very into numbers at the moment) so we started to draw the numbers. James was really good! He can tell me what all the numbers are, so I am keen to encourage this whilst he is interested!

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