Trio-mendous day

We signed for our new flat today! Move in date is March first... Asha LOVED the place which was fab. We later learned there was 5 minutes between us confirming we wanted it & someone else doing the same!
Met up with Camilla & Jud early evening to discuss a Nouwen book we've all read...was a lovely time! 

The collage is part of Markus' latest challenge, EP13...I'm a bit fascinated by old doors, bits of wood, peeling paint etc etc... Here are a few bottoms of doors I got damp knees photographing this morning!

Drama of the day;
Thinking I'd had a brainwave taking old boxes from the supermarket (packing in mind) but quickly (not quickly enough) realising they were from the fish section...there's a lingering scent in our flat!

Today I'm grateful for;
1) Time to walk and pray.
2) These past 4 years in this current's been a wonderful home to us.
3) Bumping into an artist friend this morning & having the privilege of listening to some of her 'stuff'...

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