By CyclopsJnr

Toothy Smile

CyclopsJnr has a rather toothy smile when he's being cheeky at the moment.

A morning at Nursery, then in the afternoon we went out for a 2km run with cyclops running and CyclopsJnr pedalling furiously!  It went well.

Later we all played a board game before bed.  He's not quite got the hang of the numbers on the dice yet, but his enthusiasm more than makes up for that!

Oh, this morning in the car we had a fun conversation:

Jnr: Daddy, why do i have eyebrows?
Dad: They help keep water out of your eyes if its raining or you get sweaty.
Jnr: I've got swimming goggles to keep my eyes dry. I don't need eyebrows.
Fair enough son.

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