Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Breaking trail, me and the tiny house

It was beautifully sunny this afternoon after a grey morning, so we skied from the doorstep out of the village and down over the fields to the little lake. Not that you can see it's a lake at the moment...

The snow is compacting nicely and it was perhaps 20 cms over our boots as we made a trail. By tomorrow the track we made will be more solid and iced over, and possibly even allow some gliding to happen. For today, it was a case of plodding - but how glorious to plod about in this wintery brightness!

The steep vertical walls where the deep snow has been cleared from the road made quite an obstacle. Usually we just ski over from one field to the next, but today the skis had to come off. That felt really strange, on the way back I tried all sorts of gymnastics to fling myself up the wall on my back and just kick my legs + skis over the wall onto the field above. The snow collapsed and slid me back into the road, it was fun trying and fun for the watcher as well. I took my skis off and climbed up....

We saw The Darkest Hour at the cinema this evening with Rose and Ruth. We had the place almost to ourselves, they had sold one other ticket. What a fascinating film it was, and how dreadful the situation was. My gratitude for living in a time of relative peace is endless. As is the delight in being a retired person who can ski all day if she wants to.

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