and through the wire...

By hesscat

Everyday Is A Winding Road

Just like blipping! It seems my little camera profile will change colour in a few seconds for 1500 blips.

It might sound like a big number but when I scroll through all my blips it brings back so many memories I don't think I would have if I was just taking the photos. The process of viewing your photos every day then selecting your favourite, then writing some waffle that means something to you (and I am sure only me) must link all those things in your brain that help you remember... although I forget what that process is called!

Each blip day really is a winding road, most days I have no idea where it will come from. It does feel like it gets more difficult but on the other hand the determination not to miss a blip only increases... oh oh famous last words, will need to get more cats!

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