... from below!!

We had a super day in and around  Barangaroo - and boy it has developed  since we did a "group walk" with Hobbs and co some time back.

Anyway, there were people everywhere being "tucker time" and answered why there are soooo many eateries. We made a stop for a gelato and was it yummo! Even the youngster in extra #1 enjoyed them.

The buildings are huge as seen in extra #2 - so took a few shoots "looking up"!

And, you could not believe when we came back into Circular Quay on the ferry. Spotted one of the Aussie Alternative Olympics team whom we saw taking off for the games in yesterday's Blip. 
Only problem this guy had missed the flight, and there he was sulking in the shade, see extra #3, not knowing what its destiny would be!

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE - just don't look up.... ha ha!!

... had to wait till we got back home to load as the wi-fi was just not happening where we stayed. 

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