Bruised Reed

My personal Blip weather forecaster, Davesfotos had warned me on Tuesday that snow was heading our way, even though the German forecasters weren't showing it. Dave was right.

It came overnight, around 10cm but very harmless and by the time I got out for the morning dog walk not a flake to be seen on the roads, Went to Ottobeuren as I wanted to quickly send off a postcard to a school friend I haven't seen or heard of for 45 years. Happened to have contact with his brother and learnt he is what our Old Boys Society term a "Bruised Reed". and going through a tough health issue. So the postcard was a quick "Hi" message as he likes old-fashioned postal communication and promised I would be following it up with a proper letter soon. I hope I don't cause more grief with my waffle!

Had written the postcard at home, a special one from the Basilica with lots of motives stamped on the writing side to do with the 1200 anniversary and something that would interest him. Our school and the Ottobeuren Abbey are both run by the Benedictine Catholic Order.

I asked the young girl at the supermarket in-store post office if she had a nice but small stamp and then explained exactly where I wanted it placed.  I said "no" several times - the normal place at the top right already had a motive of a stamp and I wanted that saved. So against everything she had learnt at "acting postmistress" school, and breaking every known rule on German orderliness,  she eventually understood and placed the stamp alongside the motive.

What happened next nearly got the police called out by her colleagues. As part of her study and degree, she had been fully ingrained in the correct procedures and before I could blink she had whipped out a pre-glued, really sticky, very large "LUFTPOST" sticker and was about to whack it at a slight 10° off horizontal angle right over the other motive at the centre top. "NO!" I cried out and whisked the card from the desk. She replied but it HAS to be put on, that is the rule. I thanked her and said I would pop the card in the letterbox outside myself and take full responsibility for whatever happened next. She smiled and I smiled back.

Dog walk, few essentials from the supermarket and home. No more snow and did a repeat evening walk with the dogs near home and even a bit of a snowball throwing, Flash's favourite winter pastime although he can't catch them too often and falls over from time to time. Another Bruised Reed who has earnt a bit of moral support for their friendship in times gone by.

 Isaiah 42:3:  “A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench.  He shall bring forth judgment unto truth.”

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