By PaulaJ


Amazing that one can be sitting by Cape Town Waterfront in the sunshine and then, less than 24 hours later, can be arriving to snow at home. Despite the pain of Airports and all the waiting around, I think it’s still a miracle, and a privilege, that many of us can travel like this.

This picture, taken as we were waiting at Heathrow for the flight to Newcastle, amused me, both for the ‘waiting’ capture and for the depiction of the temperature we were going back to. However, it also reminded me that at least we won’t have to worry any more about how much water we are using.

We’ve had a lovely few weeks in South Africa. We’ve enjoyed the light and soaked up the sunshine. We’ve been to places we know well and to a few that were new to us. Thanks to everyone who has followed along with us - it’s been great to have the company.

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