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Underground ...

So, it turns out that the London Transport Museum runs tours of what they call "Hidden London" which takes the innocent public ( e.g. me ... ) into the the darker, back-end parts of the the London transport network.

The tour that I took was under the busy Euston station, and gave me time in the tunnels that used to be part of the Northern Line, but that aren't any more - having been closed in the 1960s ( originally built in the early 1900s if I recall correctly ? ). The walls of the tunnels are covered in the remnants of posters from the era, and the extra shows a collage as per Marcus' Challenge for EP13, made up from three selected from the massive selection ...

What you can see in the image above is actually part of a ventilation tunnel for the Victoria Line, that runs from what used to be the lift shaft of one of the Northern Line entrances to above the platforms ... ( where we were looking down on the people waiting for trains from the darkness in the vents above ... )

A few more photos here...

( By the way, for the technically curious - 6.5mm circular fisheye on Nikon Df )

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