Lady Sage Days

By LadySage

Ingredients and Recipes

Made a gorgeous salad yesterday and it was so good I've made it again today. I might have it tonight or save it until tomorrow as it's said to be better the next day. I also made a curried parsnip soup which I haven't tried yet.
Can't have anything with soy or flaxseed in them as they affect estrogen.
Had never eaten an avocado before yesterday and never expected to like them but I do and as they are one of the foods which are good for what I'm doing I am trying to find all kinds of recipes to have them in.
I weighed myself this morning and I have lost a stone since eating all these vegetables and no processed foods.

Had a rough day yesterday, put mum on the sofa waiting for the man to check the bed, slings and hoist and he phoned to say he couldn't come as they'd had several emergencies to go to.
I told him that if they need to check anything now it will have to be done with mum on the bed as I can't keep moving her off it.
So he's calling again next Tuesday.

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